Top 10 Wipeouts

Top 10 Wipeouts

Top 10 Wipeouts

I know….we are supposed to be just about surfboards but everyone appreciates a good wipeout.Yes,top 10′s are always subjective. There is always that wave no one filmed or that one that never made the limelight. With that said here are our picks for the top 10 wipe outs.

#1 Jay Moriarity was only 16 when he attempted this drop at Mavericks

#2 Nathan Fletcher deserves Ride of The Year for this ride at Teahupoo. Possibly the heaviest wave ever surfed.

#3 Shane Dorian took off on this Mavs monster last year and almost drowned after a two wave hold down.

#4 Mark Mathews at Shipsterns

#5 Richie Vass had this insane wipeout at Ours a few years back.

#6 Garret McNamara at Jaws

#7 Flea’s wipeout at Waimea

#8 Laurie Towner at Cloudbreak

#9 Mark Healey at Teahupoo

# 10 By now we all now there is not a wave Garret McNamara wont take off on – no matter the equipment.