Shaping in Uruguay With Gero Cola At GCR Surfboards

Shaping in Uruguay With Gero Cola At GCR Surfboards


Shaping in Uruguay With Geronimo “Gero” Cola At GCR Surfboards

Surfing in Uruguay has a growing surf scene due to their good surf and local talent in the water. Shaper Gero Cola is one local who knows the scene well and is supplying the market there with well made hand-shaped high performance boards. He is a protege of pioneering Uruguayan shaper Gustavo Ribeiro at MDT Surfboards.

Where did you learn to shape and who are some of the shapers that helped influence you?

I learned to shape with Gustavo, who is the shaper at MDT surfboards here in Uruguay. He is one of the pioneers here, a shaper who specializes in epoxy boards. I spent six months working with him and then opened my own place. Personally, I think that everyone who shapes also has to surf and test different kinds of boards, for me the most influential shaper is Bob Simmons, he is like the father of the modern surfboards. He introduced new materials, the rocker, concave and so on. I also admire the work of Ryan Burch, his surfing and innovation in asymmetrical and new styles of boards.

What is the surf scene like in Uruguay?

Uruguay has experienced a huge growth in the surfing scene the last few years, more professional surfers have appeared and are competing in well-known tournaments like the ISA achieving some good results, that has put Uruguay surfing in a different position, now it is seems more like a profesional sport more than a summer hobby, sponsors have appeared , new boards, shapers and materials. The  winning of Luisma Iturria  in the ALAS has also put Uruguay on the map. The market is growing up and with it more skilled surfers are coming here. You can follow how surfing in Uruguay is in the page of our local surf magazine

Do you have any tips for folks traveling there on a surf trip?

If you are lucky enough you will be amazed by the quality of waves that are here on the correct conditions. Some spots can get crowded but if you know where to go you can find empty line ups with dream waves, traveling with a local might be crucial, so you can be in the right place at the right moment considering that a wave might work on good conditions for only 4 ours before it gets windy.In summer you can surf in board-shorts but if you come here in winter you will need a 4.3 wetsuit, booties and gloves, so check out the season in which you are coming so you don’t have any surprises.The best tips that I can give to you is to come in autumn from March to June, this is the most consistent period, with offshore winds and SE swells. Also, you are avoiding the summer crowds that are bigger in Summer time.

Where can people pick up your boards?

You can pick  up my boards in Aguas dulces, Rocha and in Castillos Rocha and in summer in Punta del Diablo. Contact me if you want a custom surfboard with the design that you want or you can call me to see some boards in stock or give whatever you need, a leash, fins, or even put you in contact with a local surf school if you want to learn.

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