Shaper Profile: Tyler Warren

Shaper Profile: Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren is an artist, shaper and surfer from Dana Point, California. He shapes under his own name and under the Hobie label, who he has been riding for since he was 14.  Mentored by shaping great Terry Martin, he quickly picked up the craft of shaping, drawing inspiration by the innovative board designs from the early days of surfing. He comes from a family of accomplished artists, an attribute that shines through in his work. His artistry is as on point with a planar and paint brush as it is on a surfboard. Recently he made the cover of Surfer Magazine riding a self-shaped single fin at Desert Point.

Your boards seemed to be influenced by a lot of the original shapers who helped start it all. Who are those shapers and how did they influence you?

I watched Terry Martin shape most of my boards.  Some of the other shapers I have watched shape include Malcolm Campbell, Manuel Caro, Josh Hall, Chris Christenson, Mark Johnson and Gary Larson.  Watching all these shapers make me boards, then getting to ride them was a treat, it creates more of a connection getting to be a part of the process

5'5''TylerWarrenDiskRocket 5’5” Tyler Warren Disk Rocket

TylerwarrenfunctionalHull  6’7” Tyler Warren Functional-Hull Shape

How did you start shaping for Hobie?

I began riding for Hobie at 14 the same time I shaped my first board.  It became a natural thing to begin to shape for the label in my early twenties.

What functional design elements do you put the most emphasis on in your boards?

Rocker flow, bottom contours, spiral vee, concave, edge, rail transitions, glassing, blanks all these things play a big part in a surfboards ride.

Tyler Warren Hobie Fish

 Tyler Warren Hobie Fish

Salt Creek Cosmic Creek Contest poster By Tyler Warren

Cosmic Creek Salt Creek Surf Contest Poster by Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren 9'2'' Jazz

Tyler Warren 9’2” Jazz Model

Tyler Warren 5'7'' Double Double


Tyler Warren 5’4” Double Double Model Thruster

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