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PacificSystemsHomes Waikiki Steam Nose 1946Year:  1946

Shaper/label: Pacific Systems Homes

Description: “Waikiki” Steam-nose


1957 9'10'' Joe Quigg Balsa

Year:  1954

Shaper/label: Hobie

Description: Balsa


1957 Hobie Balsa

Year: 1957

Maker: Hobie

Description: balsa


62 interisland gun Robert Sparky Scheufele

Shaper: Robert “Sparky” Scheufele

Year: 1962

Board description:  1962 InterIsland gun

Joe Quigg

Shaper: Joe Quigg
Year: 1962
Description: From the collection of John Mazza.”.. Stock Joe Quigg board from the early sixties probably 1962.”

 hannon mini brute

Shaper: Bruno Huber or John Hannon

Year: 1968

Model: Mini-Brute

Duke Kahanamoku Surfboard

Model: Hawaii Model

Label/Maker: Duke Kahanamoku

Year: 1965

Size: 9’9”

1967 9'8'' Bing, David Nu'uhiwa Lightweight Model

Shaper/Label: Bing

Year: 1967

Size: 9’8”

Model: David Nu’uhiwa Lightweight Model

10'6'' Mike Diffenderfer

Shaper/Label: Mike Diffenderfer

Year: 1963

Size: 10’6”

Wind and Sea Panatella top

Label: Wind and Sea

Year: 1960′s

Model: Panatella

Da-Cat 9'4''

Model: Greg Noll/Miki Dora Da Cat Model

Board Size: 9’4”

Year Shaped: 1960′s

Rick BK gun label

Shaper: Barry Kanaiaupuni, Drew Harrison

Year Shaped: 1960′s

Model/Label: Rick Surfboards D&B Pintail gun

1960's G&S SS Model

Shaper Label: Gordan and Smith

Year Shaped: 1960′s

Model: SS


Shaper: Dewey Weber

Year: 1967

Board Type: Weber Performer Pintail

Board Size: 9’8”


Shaper/label: Greg Noll

Model: Ironing Board

Year: 1968

Dimensions: 7′ 10″ 23″ 2 1/2″

Morey Pope & Company Surfboard

Shaper/label: Morey Pope

Year: 1969





Shaper: Donald Takayama

Year: 1969 0r 1970

Description: Rare Takayama board shaped under his own label Donald Takayama. Takayama protege and world-class surfer, Joel Tudor pointed out after seeing this board, ” Probably a 1969 or 1970 — Dt was shaping for Surfboards Hawaii in 1968– I’ve never seen another one like it! The Dt label went under after the powers that be during that time had shut him off from getting Clark Foam! True Story! Surf Industry use to be like mafia! They were all scared of Donald”.

1972 Russ Short Campbell Brothers Bonzer

Shaper: Malcolm or Duncon Campbell

Year: 1970

Model: Russ Short

chuck dent experience label

Shaper: Chuck Dent

Year: 70′s

Model: Experience

Twin Fin Harbour surfboards

Shaper: unknown

Year: 1972

Fred Schwartz Surfline Hawaii

Shaper: M.P. Surfline Hawaii

Year: 1974-75

6'3'' Webber

Shaper: Jeff Widener Dewey Webber Label

Size: 6’3”

Year: 1976


Shaper: Dewey Weber

Model: The Ski

Year: Early 70′s


Shaper: Gordan & Smith

Description: Transitional Acid Splash G&S.

 Aipa Stinger

Model: Aipa Stinger (Aipa’s signature board)

Board Size: 6’9”

Year Shaped: Mid 70′s

Mokshaw Surfboards Logo

Shaper/Label: Lanny Shuler Mokshaw

Size: 6’7”

Year: 1970′s

G&S Surfboards

Shaper/Label: Gordon and Smith

Model: 1970 Magic

Size: 6’1”

Year: 1970

Tom Morey Air Lubricated board

Shaper: Tom Morey

Year: 1970

 Vintage Hot Buttered Terry Fitzgerald Surfboard

Shaper/Label: Terry Fitzgerald Hot Buttered

Model: Double wing pintail

Size: 6’4” 20” x 2”

Year: 1970′s

1977 Bill Hamilton Lightning Bolt Surfboard

Shaper/Label: Bill Hamilton Lightning Bolt

Year: 1977

Pat Rawson

Shaper: Pat Rawson

Year: 1977


1980 Energy Simon ANderson Thrusters

Simon Anderson Energy Thruster

6'7'' early 80's Malcom Campbell Thruster

shaper: Malcom Campbell

Size: 6’7”

Year Shaped: 1980

Board Type: Thruster Bonzer

80's Glen Minami Surfboard

 shaper: Glenn Minami

Year Shaped: 1980


Steve Morgan Surf

Shaper: Steve Morgan

Dimensions: 7’4” x 18 3/4” x 2 5/8”

Year: Early 90′s

Terry Senate Aipa surfboard

Shaper: Terry Senate

Year: 90′s

7'6'' Jeff Clark personal board

Shaper: Jeff Clark

Dimensions: 7’6”

Year: 1990′s

Description: Jeff Clark Mavericks gun


 Andy Irons Surfboard

Shaper: AL Merrick for Andy Irons

Dimensions: 6’2” 18”5/8 2”1/4

Year: 2004

Pat Rawson Surfboard Shaped for Mick Fanning

Shaper: Pat Rawson shaped for Mick Fanning

Year: 2000′s


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