Rick Stoner Surfboards

Rick Stoner Surfboards


Rick Stoner Surfboards

Rick Stoner worked under Dale Velzy in the late 1950′s perfecting his craft with fellow shaper Bing Copeland. Rick worked as a lifeguard untill 1959 when Rick and Bing Copeland opened up a shop in Hermosa Beach, which later was morphed into Bing Surfboards. Ricks two most well known boards were the Barry Kanaiaupuni model nd the Dru Harrison Model. Barry Kanaiaupuni later shaped for Rick Stoner for a short period of time.


Rick Surfboard Top Deck Rick Surfboard Bottom


Rick Surfboards


Rick Surfboard Single Fin

Label: Rick Surfboards

Shaper: Phil Becker

Dimensions: 7’6” 23” 3 1/4”

Description: This board was shaped in 1977 and was sent to us by and in honor of Bob Adams of Lakewood, CA


Shaper: Rick Stoner

Year: 1969

Size: 6’8”

Description: transitional era board with original W.A.V.E. set fin. Thanks to Dave for the submission!



Shaper: Phil Becker

Year: 1974

Description: Rick retro single from the collection of Bob Sobering