Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Lyle Carlson Surfboards

Big Wave surfer and shaper Lyle Carlson has been shaping and living alongside master board builder and craftsman Dick Brewer the past 10 years on Oahu and Kauai. So, its no surprise his boards surf as good as they look. Lyle has ridden his own shapes and Brewers out at Mavericks, Todos and Hawaii for years. Today he has guys like Grant Twiggy Baker, Jensen Hassett, Kala Alexander, Garret McNamara test riding his boards out at spots like Mavericks and Jaws.

We recently asked him few questions about his craft.

When did you start shaping? 

Started by watching Ole (Bob Olson) on Maui as well as Timpone, Gerry Lopez, Dave Gott then Stamps in HB

Who were some of your mentors and influences over the years ?

Rob Reynolds was my first teacher. He Learned from Mike Minchinton and Sam Hawk. Brewer took me on as a student after writing him letters for years. Lived with him in Kauai and Oahu for over 10 years apprenticing.

Who are some of the big wave guys that have been riding your boards?

Surfed Mavericks, Hawaii, and Todos Santos on his (Dick Brewer) and my guns for years. My best test pilots have been Danilo Couto, Twiggy (Grant Baker), Chris Owens, Jensen Hassett, Chapman Murphy. Emi Erickson, Kala Alexander, Issac Stant, Josh Ryan, Ian Wallace, Wrenna Delgado, Tikanui Smith, Johny Smith, Kealii Mamala, Garret McNamara, Greg Russ, and Mark Sharps.

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Lyle Carlson Big Wave Surfer and Shaper

 Lyle Carlson with a quiver of big wave guns and a short board Photo: Lyle Carlson (

Lyle Carlson and Dick Brewer

Lyle Carlson and Dick Brewer in the shaping bay Photo: Lyle Carlson (

 Emi Erickson with Her Lyle Carlson Gun

 Emi Erickson with her Carlson big wave gun Photo: Lyle Carlson (

Jensen Hassett with his Lyle Carlson Gun

Jensen Hassett and his Lyle Carlson Gun Photo: Lyle Carlson (

Lyle Carlson Gun

Kala Alexander gun Photo: Lyle Carlson (

Maui Gun

Maui Gun Photo: Lyle Carlson (

Lyle Carlson 6'6'' Shortboard

 Board Dimensions: 6’6” x 19 x 2 5/4 Photo: Lyle Carlson (