Hap Jacobs

Hap Jacobs is from Hermosa Beach, CA. He learned to surf on George Greenoughs favorite “bodyboard”, surf mats and to shape surfboards when he moved to Hawaii in 1951. Shapers Woody Brown and Wally Froiseth were his mentors. He later moved back to California making a name for himself as a experienced well respected shaper later partnering with Velzy shaping balsa boards. Riders such as David Nuuiwa, Miki Dora, Mike Doyle and Robert August rode for Jacobs.


Hap jacobs  Jacobs Surfboards

Jacobs Fin Jacobs logo z646

Shaper: Hap Jacobs

Year: late 50′s early 60′s

Description: Jacobs longboard with serial number z646 and 10′ skeg.



hapjacob2 hapjacobs




Photos contributed by Tom Orr, head shaper at Pure Life Surfboards Hawaii

Shaper: Hap Jacobs

Year: 1991

Dimensions: 9’5 1/2″x 22 3/4″x 3 1/8″

Description: “…..this is the first surfboard that he had shaped after a 15-20 year retirement from the shaping bay, when he was commercial fishing. Donald Takayama (R.I.P.) invited Hap to the Oceanside Surfing Contest and handed him a coffee can full of Skil 100 parts & a template and told him, “You need to get shaping again, and while you’re at it, here’s a template.” This is the beautiful shape that transpired from that good day. “

Size: 10’4”
Year: 1967
Shaper: Hap Jacobs
Description:  Said to have been ridden in the Morey Pope Noseriding contest in 1967. However, the original contest was in 1965 and later re-named United States Professional Surfing Championships in 1966. So, it possibly could have been ridden in a later event that stemmed off of the original contest.


* Photos submitted by Kevin Mark

Shaper: Hap Jacobs

Model: Mike Purpus Aussie “V” Bottom

for more info on Hap Jacobs go to www.hapjacobs.com