Hydroflex Surfboards and 3D-Glassing

Hydroflex Surfboards and 3D-Glassing




Hydroflex Surfboards has recently developed a new way of glassing that produces a stronger and more responsive surfboard. The process is called 3D-Glassing. It is a strong lamination bonding process different from traditional glassing methods. Lost’s Matt Biolos who has been using Hydroflex technology says, ” The 3D Glassing by Hydroflex pushes the boundaries by creating a very strong, yet light board. We’ve been making them for Gorkin, Wardo, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore, Brett Simpson and other top riders, and everyone is really into them.”

Benefits of 3D-Glassing are a lighter, stronger and more responsive board. The technology also eliminates the problem of delamination often apparent in more worn older surfboards. Some of the best shapers leading the way in high performance surfboard design have signed on with Hydroflex adding to their credibility. These shapers include: Lost’s Matt Biolos, Jon Pyzel, Rusty, Roberts, Jeff Doc Laush, Timmy Paterson, Proctor, Carl Ekstrom and more.

Check them out at: www.hydroflex-surfboards.com

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A batch of Roberts Hydroflex Surfboards


A fresh batch of Pyzel Hydroflex boards


A batch of Hydroflex Rusty’s



 Julian Wilson putting a Lost Hydroflex to the test. It looks like its working just fine to us.

Photo: Tom Carey