Historic Surfboard Collection Up For Sale

Historic Surfboard Collection Up For Sale

Historic Surfboard Collection Up For Sale

A historic surfboard collection is up for sale, which includes twelve classic surfboards, all glassed in fins. The collection includes two original balsa boards, a original 1957 Balsa Joe Quigg and a 1954 Hobie Balsa. The collection also includes many 1960 rarity’s all in incredible shape.

1957 9'10'' Joe Quigg Balsa

1) 1954 Hobie Balsa, 11′, Very solid-all original with beautiful natural honey colored patina to the balsa. Purchased at the US Vintage Surf Auction. This board came from the original owner who bought this board from Hobie in early 1954. Authenticated by the US Vintage Surf Auction, where they guaranteed it to be an all original Hobie from the very early 1950s. Likely built just prior to Hobie regularly adding the ink stamp to his boards. A very rare early example of a 1950s balsa board built by perhaps the most dominant and successful board builder of all time. The condition is truly outstanding for a balsa board of over 50 years of age. The rich golden color of the balsa is exquisite.

1967 9'8'' Bing, David Nu'uhiwa Lightweight Model

2) 1967 9′ 8″ Bing, David Nu’uhiwa Lightweight Model. Bright green tint bottom, bright white logos, rail wrap with a 3 layer T-band stringer. Nearly flawless condition. Original matching yellow fin has a small hole near the back for an early leash.

1966 Greg Noll Da Cat Model

3) 1966 9 ‘ 5″ Red Greg Noll Mickey Dora Da Cat model, mint condition. glassed on fin. White foam, ferrari red opaque, perfect lams. In near new condition.
1965 9'5'' Harbour Longboard

4)1965 9′ 5″ fixed fin, Harbour longboard, never used, 100% original.

1967 9'6'' Gordan and Smith Midget Farrelly Model

5) 1967 9′ 8 1/2″ Gordon and Smith Midget Farrelly Model, Super rare Stringerless high performance longboard designed by the ’64 world champ at the peak of the original longboard era. Stringerless blank, glassed in Greenough flex fin, perfect rocker, thin tail, real pinched rails in tail. Lime greet tint with original Slip Check on nose and tail. In excellent condition.

Holmesy Sidewinder

6) 1967 Holmesey Sidewinder, serial #125. All original, 4 flared stringers with just a glue line in the middle. Super white foam between the stringers, surrounded by yellow resin tint. Wonderbolt fin in excellent condition.

1966 Greg Noll Da Cat Model

Board on left

7) 1957 9′ 10″ Joe Quigg Balsa, original, not reconditioned.

8) Hansen, Cardiff, The Master

9) Rick Surfboard

10) 1968 9′ 6″ Gordon and Smith Hotcurl, one of the very last longboard models. Really refined and light with smooth rocker, low volume 50/50 rails, belly bottom throughout and curved split stringers. Has a big 12″ x 9″ Wave Set fin that flexes at the tip, but is somehow super tight in the box.

11) Classic 9′ 7″ Wardy Surfboard, all original, including the fin.

12) 1968 9′ 1/2″ Phil Edwards Honolulu, Hawaii Vintage Surfboard. Extremely rare, excellent condition.

Email us at surfboards@thesurfboardproject.com if you are interested in purchasing this historic collection, so we can put you in contact with the seller. Seller is asking $75,500 for the whole collection.