Harbour Surfboards

Harbour Surfboards

Rich Harbour

Rich Harbour built his first board in 1959 out of his garage after his long board was stolen. Harbour’s reputation grew through the 1960′s and even had Robert August, Dale Velzy and Dick Brewer shaping for him briefly. Surf legends such as Jock Sutherland rode for Harbour back then. Rich Harbour was instrumental in the innovations of board design, innovating such concepts as the channel nose and tail rocker on a long board. Harbour’s shop opened in 1962 in Seal Beach, California and is one of the oldest surfboard manufacturing shops still in existence

Twin Fin Harbour surfboards


Twin Fin


Harbour Twin Fin


1974 5'4'' Harbour Surfboard


5'4'' Harbour Twin Fin


Board photos courtesy of Bruce C. of Virginia

Description: This 5’4” Harbour twin fin was purchased by its owner in 1972 in Avalon, New Jersey. It has been stored away the last 43 years.

Shaper: Unknown (Shapers at Harbour in 1972 included Dale Velzy, Robert August and Kurt Augsburger)

Dimensions: 5’4”

Year: 1972



Shaper: Tim Stamps

Model: Spherical Revolver

Size: 7’8”

Year: Recent