Chuck Dent

Chuck Dent

Chuck Dent

       Chuck Dent was a icon of Huntington Beach in the 70′s and created a kind of cult following for his stylish and brash character. He is credited with making surf shops more retail orientated, moving them away from a place that only sells boards, leashes and wetsuits. Dent died at the early age of 35 in 1980 from a heart attack. Below are some great examples of his boards that have been sent in to us.

Chuck Dent Surfboards

Chuck Dent Single Fin

Chuck Dent Logo

*Photo and board sent to us by David Scot Laughlin. Thanks David!

70′s Chuck Dent Sigle fin

*Boards and photos from the collection of Mark and Jim Troutman

Shaper: Chuck Dent

Year Shaped: 70′s

Model: Experience

Other: Rare label as most had Jimi Hendrix on them


 Shaper: Randy Lewis

Size: 7’5”

Board Type: Long Board

Description: Modern day Chuck Dent example

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