Campbell Brothers Bonzer

Campbell Brothers Bonzer

Campbell Brothers Bonzer

The “Bonzer” was essentially the first tri-fin board created and devised in 1970 by two brilliant brothers,  Malcolm and Duncon Campbell. Together they formulated a board that gave the surfer more speed and control than the single and twin fin boards being ridden at the time. The bonzer design included single to double concave with two side fins that were forward of the center fin and placed at an angle pointing towards the nose of the board. Below is a classic example of an early Campbell Brothers Bonzer shaped in 1972.

Campbell Bonzer 6'6'' 20'' x 2.5''


Bonzer 1972


1972 Russ Short Campbell Brothers Bonzer




Russ SHort 1972 Campbell Brothers Bonzer

* Photos courtesy of Mark. This board is for sale contact surfboards@thesurfboardproject for more info: Price: $700 Location: Santa Barbara, Ca

Shaper: Malcolm or Duncon Campbell

Description: Russ Short Model

Year: 1972

Label: Campbell Brothers

Dimensions: 6’6” 20” x 2.5”