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If there is a board you are interested in buying or  you would like to list one for sale email: We list as much information as the board owners provide. Please note we currently only connect buyers and sellers.

9’3” Hobie Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards Hobie

Phil Edwards Hobie Logo

Phil Edwards Surfboard

Description: 9’3” 23W”, Signed Phil Edwards 6-89, Excellent Condition, located in Ocean City, Maryland

Price: $3000

Contact: Email for more information

1967 Mike Doyle Hansen

1967 Hansen Mike Doyle

!967 Hansen Mike Doyle Surfboard

    Mike Doyle Hansen Logo

Description: 10’0” 1967 Mike Doyle Hansen Longboard in good condition. Located in Southbury, CT

Price: $900

Contact: Email for more information

6’1” 70′s Doug Wright Rainbow Surfboards

Rainbow Surfboards top

Rainbow Surfboards

Description:  6’1″ single fin (glassed) pin-tail rainbow surfboard shaped by Doug Wright in Melbourne FL in the early 70′s. The board belonged to Jan Futch who surfed  professional in the 70′s and 80′s. Good condition.

Price: $700

Contact: Email for more information

Rory Russell Lightning Bolt Pipeliner

Rory Russel Lightning Bolt Pipeliner

Rory Russell Replica Pipeliner

Pipeliner Rory Russell

Description:  Rory Russell Replica Lightning Bolt Pipeliner signed by and shaped by Rory. Ridden only once and good to excellent condition.

Price: $1600

Contact: Email for more information

70′s Michael Hynson Grace Model


Description:  This Michael Hynson Grace Model was not made in great quantity, ridden mostly by La Jolla and Windansea locals. It fills a niche between Michael’s popular Red Fin surfboards and HY-1 boards. I watched him shape it for me, but don’t remember the exact year in the 70′s. It was shaped at John Barbou’s Cleanline shop a block up from Windansea Beach in La Jolla, and I believe glassed by Diamond Glassing.

It is in overall good shape, to ride or hang in a collection. Buyer would have to come pick it up in San Diego or have me drop off board at a San Diego shop, or collector intermediary who will do shipping. Standard fin box with a nice laminated wood inlay fin
that looks great with the board.
Selling price is $850 including a 10″ x 10″ Carved Wood
plaque made by Michael later in his career.

Dimensions: 7’10”x20.5”x 2.5”

Location: La Jolla, CA

Price: $850

Contact: Email for more information

Vintage John “Ike” Eichert 9’6” Balsa with V-Slot Fin (SOLD)

John IKE Eichert surfboard 2

IKE surfboard 3

IKE surfboards logo 1

IKE surfboard V-Slot Fin 4

Description:  9’6” Balsa John “Ike” Eichert with V-Slot fin. Shaped circa 1960. This board was acquired by its owner in 1969 and has been in the garage rafter for almost 50 years. John “Ike” Eichert was a legendary Santa Barbara shaper and his shop is where the first Greenough Spoons were designed and and made.

Dimensions: 9’6”

Location: Arroyo Grande, CA

Price: SOLD 

Contact: Email for more information

Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii Sportflite circa 1965-69

Duke Kahanomoku Sportslife Logo

Duke Kahanamoku Surfboard

Duke Kahanamoku Surf

Description: Triple  redwood stringer, nose and tail. Good Condition, Serial # 2351. Been on my wall for the past 30 years, never ridden (by me). Located in Delray Beach Florida.

Dimensions: 9’6”

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Price: $1500

Contact: Email for more information

1967  Hannon

Description: 1967 Hannon in excellent condition.  The board measures 9’6” with a redwood balsa stringer and tailblock. A great example of a vintage Hannon in prestine condition

Dimensions: 9’6”

Location: Cape Cod, MA

Price: $1200

Contact: Email for more information

Hobie Egg


Description: Hobie egg

Dimensions: 7’0”

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Price: $500 plus shipping

Contact: Email for more information

Morey Pope McTavish Tracker

Description: Late 60′s Morey Pope McTavish Tracker in great condition. The model that helped fuel the transition into the short board revolution. The Tracker was a very important design and awesome collaboration between two very successful and important surf brands and shapers.

Dimensions: 8’0”

Location: Armonk, NY

Price: $2500

Contact: Email for more information


9’4” Dale Velzy Y Stringer (SOLD)

Description: 9’4” Velzy Y Stringer signed by Dale Velzy on stringer. Balsa tail block and redwood stringer.

Dimensions: 9’4”

Location: Humboldt County, CA

Price: $800 (SOLD)

Contact: Email for more information

9’0” Agave Board Built by (artist) Steve Baker amd (Shaper) Brett Bender of Natural Selection surfboards.

Description: 9’0 x 22”/ 6 piece Agave cactus wood/redwood stringer blank, Built by (artist) Steve Baker. Hand carved by local So Cal shaped by: Brett Bender/ Natural Selection surfboards.  It has 6/ 6oz. lamination with a custom 14 pc. glass on fin.

Dimensions: 9’0 x 22”

Location: Imperial Beach, CA

Price: 6k

Contact: Email for more information


Early LA City Lifeguard Kookbox

Description:  Vintage Kookbox used by LA City lifeguard Herbert Barthels, Jr. with marking LACity Barthels 57′

Dimensions: 13′ x 22 1/2” x 3 3/4”

Value Estimate: $2-4K

Contact: Email for more information


Vintage Kookbox

Description: 14′ vintage Kookbox surfboard in great condition.

Dimensions: 14′ x 23” x 4”

Value Estimate: $2-4K

Contact: Email for more information


1968 7’0” Hannon (SOLD)

Vintage Hannon Surfboard

Hannon Surfboards Back

Greenough Fin

Hannon Surfboards Side

Description: Beautiful example of a 1968 Hannon Islander model with Greenough unlimited style fin with dual fin boxes and very unique color job. The dimensions on this boards are 7’0 x 23″ x 21/2″.

Price:  $550 (SOLD)

Location: Malibu, California

Contact: Email for more information


9’11” Velzy Glider (SOLD)

Velzy Glider

9'10'' Velzy

Velzy Logo

Description: This is a beautiful custom Velzy glider longboard in excellent condition. There is no yellowing, just looks that way due to crappy phone cam. It’s 9’10″ by 23 and approximately 2.75 to 3 inches thick at the center. I rode it once because I felt needed to, but it has been hanging on display out of the sun since. It is signed on the deck under the glass by Dale. It is gorgeous and the pics don’t do it justice. Comes with almost new bag. Price is flexible, no trades. $925 OBO.

Price:  $925 (SOLD)

Contact: Email for more information

11’11” 1966 Hobie Tandem

Hobie Tandem

1966 Hobie D Fin Hobie Surfboards Logo

Description:  My parents ordered this board from the Dana Point shop in ’66 Stored indoors for 51 years.  Collector’s item.  Has fin box on deckfor light air sailing – also could SUP.  Looking for offers over $3,000.

Price:  Offers over $3000

Contact: Email for more information


60′s Joe Quigg Pintail

Joe Quigg Logo

Joe quigg PintailJoe Quigg Back

Description: Rare 1966 or 67 Joe Quigg Pintail.

Price:  Make an offer

Location: Southern California Area

Contact: Email for more information

1973 Doug Haut Single Fin

1973 Doug HautDoug Haut Single Fin


Doug Haut


Description: 1973 Doug Haut Single fin in overall good condition.

Price:  $750

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Contact: Email for more information


1970′s Natural Design Single Fin

Natural Design Surfboards

Natural Design Surf San Clemente

Board Description: 1970′s Natural Design winged rounded pin single fin. A few dings in the nose and tail but otherwise a solid example of a Natural Design single fin shaped out of San Clemente. The late Terry Martin shaped for Natural Design for over a decade from 1971 to 1983

 Price:  $850

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Contact: Email for more information


1950′s 10’0” balsa board shaped by Dale Velzy and Larry Baily

Dale Velzy and Larry Baily Balsa SurfboardDael Velzy Balsa Surfboard


Velzy Balsa fin velzy logo Dale Velzy and Larry Baily Balsa Board


Board Description: 10’ balsa board shaped by Dale Velzy and Larry Baily in the early 1950’s

 Price:  $4500 (SOLD)

Location: Walnut, CA

Contact: Email for more information




1966 Con Ugly Shaped By Bob Purvey

Board Description: Original Con Ugly shaped by Bob Purvey in 1966 in excellent condition.

 Price:  (SOLD)

Location: Culver City, CA

Contact: Email for more information


 Wave Crest Hawaii

“The Original Sting”


70's WaveCrest Hawaii

Wave Crest hawaii Single Fin

Wave Crest Hawaii Logo

Wave Crest Single Fin

Wave Crest Hawaii

Board Description: Unique and beautiful example of a Wave Crest Hawaii Sting. One side of the board has a rarely seen wood veneer. Wave Crest Hawaii was surfing legends George Downing’s shop, which he established in 1974. Wave Crest Hawaii later became Downing Hawaii in 1989. Keone Downing believes this board to be  late 70′s due to the lack of a leash plug making this board more than likely an earlier produced board. This board is in good condition and is watertight. It has a couple of dings on the bottom side of the board and on the rail. Email for more detailed photos.

 Price: $800

Location: Pennsylvania

Contact: Email if interested

Late 60′s Plastic Fantastic

60's Plastic Fantastic Single Fin


Plastic Fantastic Logo



Board Description: This Board was purchased in Encinitas, CA in 1993. Prior to that it had been under a porch for 25 years before being brought back to life by its current owner. Board is late 60′s or early 70′s. Lots of classic shapers shaped for this label at one time including Skip Frye, Robert August, Jock Sutherland, Barry Kanaiaupini, and Terry Martin. Shaper is unknown.

 Price: $900 o.b.o

Location: Maine

Contact: Email if interested


Rare Early 9’8” Ike and Tuck Foam Longboard With V-Slot Fin


1957 Ike and Tuck Longboard


Ike and Tuck Longboard 1957


Ike and Tuck  Custom Surfboards


Ike and Tuck Surfboards Logo


John Ike Eichert Surfboards


Board Description: Rare early Ike and Tuck foam longboard with V-Slot fin hand-shaped by  surfboard innovator and legend John “Ike” Eichert . This was most likely John’s personal board and one of the first foam boards he shaped (#8).

“In early 1961, Ike got a job as a glasser and finisher for Yater Surfboards, working out of Jack Hiren’s glass shop in Ventura.  Then in August of 1961 – at the age of 20 – Ike opened his first surf shop at 24 Cota Street in Santa Barbara.  Out of that first shop came the innovations in surfboard design for which Ike has become known, including the V-slot” (removable) fin, the “V-Tail”, an early 3-fin surfboard, and George Greenough’s first knee boards.  Ike and Greenough were grade school friends, and it was Ike who provided important input on most of George’s fin and knee board designs”.  –

Price: Email for price

Location: Newport, CA

Contact: Email if intereste

10’6 1950′s Hobie Balsa 

10'6 Balsa Hobie Helfer Wil Helfer


Hobie Balsa Surfboard

Hobie Balsa Surfboad Fin

Board Description: 1950′s 10’6” balsa surfboard shaped by Hobie for a guy named Helfer. The board was ordered by Helfer from Hobie in the 1950′s who asked Hobie to write his name on the board in place of Hobie’s.

Price:  $5000

Location: Orange County, CA

Contact: Email if interested


Surfline Hawaii’s Shop Owner Fred Schwartz Personal Pipeline Board (SOLD)

Jeff Shwartz Surfline Hawaii Board


Surfline Hawaii Single Fin back


Surfline Hawaii


Surfline Hawaii BoardFred Schwartz Surfline Hawaii


Surfline Hawaii Bottom

(more photos available upon request) 

Shaper/Label: Surfline Hawaii

Dimensions: 6’11”

 Description:  This was Freddy Schwartz pipe board Circa: 74-75. Fred Schwartz owned Surfline Hawaii on the North Shore and shapers such as Ben Aipa, Randy Rarick, Tom Parrish ,BK, Sparky Scheufele and Dick Brewer shaping there at one time. Freddy was also a fixture at Malibu in the late 60′s, and early 70′s. His family owns Schwartz Glass on Colorado Bl. in Santa Monica, located right next door to the old Natural Progression Surfboards factory. He, along with Dave Rochlen also started Surf Jams Hawaii. Pre-leash board, so it has some reef rash, and a couple of old repairs. It displays well, and appears to be watertight. Has a early Natural Progression fin, not positive it is the original fin. But of the same period. I did some research on the shaper, M.P. But there were so many guys shaping out of the Surfline factory during this time period that is impossible to know based on the initials only. ’

Location: Hermosa Beach, California (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)

Condition: Good. Board has a ding on the nose and on the rail near the nose. Fin may not be original.

Contact: Email for more info and photos

Price: SOLD

Rare Hansen Gerry Lopez Series Gun

60's hansen gerry lopez




Description: This is a rare Hansen Gerry Lopez series gun shaped in ’70 or ’71. Less than 1000 of these were made and this is a great example of one in original condition. No Fin.

Price: $700

Location: Upland, California (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)

Contact: Email for more info and photos

For Sale: 8’6” ’69 Hansen (SOLD)

'69 hansen v bottom

'69 Hansen

Hansen Surfboards

 Shaper/Label: Hansen

Year: 1969

Description: 8’6” ’69 Hansen V Bottom original bolt trough hansen poly fin

Price: SOLD

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Contact: Email for more info


For Sale: 9’6” ’67 Rick Plastic Fantastic (Sold)

1967 Rick Plastic Fantastic

9'6'' Sea Foam Green to lap line Rick

Rick Plastic Fantastic 9'6''

Rick Plastic Fantastic 1967

Shaper/Label: Rick Plastic Fantastic

Year: 1967

Dimensions: 9’6”

 Description: Very good condition 9’6” 1967 Rick Plastic Fantastic.  Sea foam green to the lap line white deck with a triple color flared foam stringer. (It has a replacement fin. It is glassed in but could be routed out and an original waveset box)

 Location: San Antonio, Texas

Price: SOLD

 Contact: email if interested

For Sale: 6’4” Surfline Hawaii Shaped By Sparky Scheufelle (SOLD)

Sparkey Scheufelle Surfline Hawaii Surfboard


Location: Florida

Shaper/Label: Surfline Hawaii shaped By Sparky Scheufele

Size: 6’4”

Year: 1980′s

Description: 6’4” Surfline Hawaii Sparky shaped sometime in the ’80′s.  Awesome board shaped by a legend who helped start Interisland Surfboards in Hawaii.

Price: email if interested (SOLD)

For Sale: 6’2” Dick Brewer Shaped By Reno Abellira (SOLD)

Dick Brewer Reno Abellira

Brewer Single Fin with side bites

Dick Brewer Flip Tip

Dick Brewer Logo

Location: Florida

Shaper/Label: Dick Brewer shaped by Reno Abellira

Size: 6’2”

Description: 6’2” Reno Abellira  signed by Dick Brewer

Price: Email for price (SOLD)

Price: email if interested

For Sale: Pearson Arrow Gun Made For The Movie Chasing Mavericks (SOLD)

Chasing Mavericks Gun


Pearson Arrow Mavs Gun


Pearson Arrow Chasing Mavericks Gun

Shaper/Label: Pearson Arrow

Location: Florida

Shaper/Label: Pearson Arrow

Description: Pierson Arrow Gun From The Movie Chasing Mavericks signed by all the cast members and Big Wave stunt doubles

Price: Email for price (SOLD)

Price: email if interested

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