Bing V Tail



Bing Copeland along with Greg Noll became interested in surfboards through Dale Velzy.  A surfer himself he spent some years surfing on Oahu’s North Shore.  He opened a surf shop in 1959 selling his boards out of the shop. Bing became one of the largest manufactuers of surfboards in the 1960′s. They had a renowned crew of shapers and riders that included Dick Brewer and David Nu’uwiha respectively. Today Bing is well known and regarded for their contribution to surfboard design.

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1967 9'8'' Bing, David Nu'uhiwa Lightweight Model

Shaper/Label: Bing

Year: 1967

Size: 9’8”

Model: David Nu’uhiwa Lightweight Model


7’0” Bing


Bing V Tail



7’0 Bing Fin

Size: 7’0”

Shaper: Unknown

Year: 2010

This board was submitted by Joe who picked it up custom from Beach House Classic Boardshop, New Jersey. Thanks Joe!