Barry Kanaiaupuni

Barry Kanaiaupuni

Barry Kanaiaupuni

Barry Kanaiaupuni is a legendary North Shore shaper and surfer. He ruled the peak at Sunset Beach in the early 70′s and was an amazing contest surfer as well. He won the Pro Classic Trials twice and became the most popular invitee to the Duke Kahanamoku Classic. He learned to shape under Donald Takayama at a early age and later worked for Gordan & Smith and Phil Edwards Surfboards. Below are some great examples of BK’s boards.

11'9'' Barry Kanaiaupuni Gun Luis Real North Shore Surf Shop

11’9” Barry Kanaiaupuni Gun Photo: Luis Real at North Shore Surfshop

 1981 8'0'' Barry Kanaiaupuni via Luis Real North Shore Surf Shop

    1981 8’0” x 19 3/4” x 3 1/4” Barry Kanaiaupuni from the collection of Luis Real, North Shore Surf Shop Photo: Luis Real

Photos: Luis Real

Size: 7’0”

Year Shaped: Early 70′s

* Board and Photos from the collection of Mark and Jim Troutman

Shaper: Barry Kanaiaupuni, Drew Harrison

Year Shaped: 1960′s

Model/Label: Rick Surfboards D&B Pintail gun