Campbell Brothers

Campbell Brothers

Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Rob Machado, Chile from Campbell Brothers Surfboards on Vimeo.

Rob Machado ripping on a Campbell Brothers bonzer.


6’7” Early 80′s Malcom Campbell Bonzer Thruster

6’7” early 80′s Malcom Campbell Thruster

shaper: Malcom Campbell

Size: 6’7”

Year Shaped: 1980

Board Type: Thruster Bonzer

6’0 Rounded Pin Bonzer


6’0 Bonzer Rounded Pin

 Shaper: Malcom Campbell

Size: 6’0”

Year: 2011

Board Model: Bonzer Russ ( the most popular Campbell model during the 70′s)

Joe setting up for a nice tube section on the above 6’0” Bonzer Russ Short, somewhere on the East Coast.